Do your business fast and efficient. How?

Simply. Don’t waste time searching for new contacts manually and time consuming retrieval. Trust our automated tools and save your time.

About us
But it’s primarily about you!

We incorporate artificial intelligence and big data to improve revenue, margins and commitment for you, our customers.

Increased revenue from sales sources by monitoring customers and leads in real time.

Reduce time when sales staff do not sell by automating manual activities and entering data from CRM.

Directing sales staff to the best opportunities or preventing future problems with customers.

Improve management, visibility and efficiency of the sales force through automatic tracking and optimization.

Improve margins through optimized and dynamic decisions.

Why us?

Our vision is to make your world easier.

Our own automated tools take over the routine, but time-consuming, work for you, while you can devote yourself fully to your business.


Years of experience in automating data acquisition


Save your time compared to manual work


New potential contacts per year


Annually generated business opportunities

The first step is important, but we will guide you through the process!

Our tools




Complex tool for seaching and creating an effective database using big data
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Automatic tool for communicating with partners through various channels
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Customer Performer

A tool for search, collection and evaluation of customers from the obtained data
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Systematic activity planner for achieving max. efficiency of the sales process
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A comprehensive reporting tool of all activities in the WGT Brand Suite
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An ecosystem of tools supporting business development using RPA
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Guidance and consultation

We will advise you on how to properly start reaching new customers and partners in order to create quality and prosperous partnerships. Generate new business opportunities daily.

Tools and personal assistent

The personal assistant service will help you with rapid market building and business development, thanks to the use of our automated tools. We will create and pass on to you relevant, already processed business opportunities. You can rely on an individual approach depending on your goals.

Business development

Effective sales are based on creating opportunities and constantly building mutually beneficial business relationships. We guarantee you a quick and easy search for new customers and business partners.

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    • Do you have another problem related to development and sales support?

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